The smartest,
safest way
to carry diabetes supplies.


why diapack?

There are several problems with existing diabetes supply bags—they are easy to lose, the insulin pens inside are vulnerable to warm temperatures and they are just so damn ugly.

diapack is unique:

3 essential features

— Tracking system that connects to your phone

— Insulated drawer for insulin pens

— Hard ABS shell with shock-proof rubber bumpers

+ 3 cool features

— Modular Drawers for colorful customization

— Drawers are magnetically held in place

— sleek, minimalist and compact design





John Jones

John studies Economics and Math at Wheaton College. He is from Alaska and is a type 1 diabetic. During his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, salmon fishing, and visiting cafés.

Elliot Young

Elliot is a Comp Sci major at Wheaton College. He grew up in SF and Kyrgyzstan. During his free time, he enjoys reading philosophy, visiting museums, and skateboarding around Chicago.